Doc & Jessie Lou Rupe's Kids
(Jack, Jimmy, Joe & Sharon)

We grew up with the Rupe Kids in the mid 50's
These pictures were sent to me by Sharon (Rupe) Dilday

Joe Rupe - 1st Grade - 1950
Doc & Jessie Lou Rupe operated a
Dairy Farm 1 mile east of Moss School
and a little south.
They later moved to Wetumka where
they operated Rupe's Grocery
on the north side of Wetumka
Joe and myself started the first
grade together.
I'm sure many of you remember this
Family. Eulene Noblett was a neighbor
to this good family and she even has
a story about the twins on the
"I Remember When Page"

Jimmy & Jack Rupe
6th. Grade - 1954 circa

Joe Rupe  & Daughter Becky in
front of Elvis' home in Memphis, TN

Jack Rupe - 1961 - 19 Yrs. Old

Eulene Noblett & Sharon Rupe