I Remember When . . . .
Great Stories about growing up in the Horntown, Oklahoma area!


Things I Believe

     Children usually try to emulate their parents. This is only natural, since from conception it is their parents who pass their genes on to their offspring, it is their parents who coddle and comfort them during their infancy. The same mother and father teach them how to think and sometimes what to think. They teach them that which is morally right and that which is morally wrong. These are the basics that a child has from it's infancy if it is born of normal and righteous parenthood. This is the foundation that a child has to build on. Children should receive their most valuable education in the home and from the family. Formal education, whether it be from the church or public or private schools of learning, also help to shape a child's character and success into adulthood. If the child has been taught correctly at home and reared in a loving, supportive Christian family, it will forever possess a firm foundation that can never be destroyed. But, with all the caring and teaching, a child, if robbed of firm discipline at home, will have a most difficult road to travel through this life. Usually that person will have a difficult time in achieving a good, well balanced character. Those lessons taught at home will always be there to remind one of which is right and which is wrong. The conscience developed at home will still exist to guide and help judge one's decisions. These valuable lessons were taught to me and my siblings. They are ours to avail ourselves of today.
Harry Shumard---class of '43