A Little Pre-Moss History
Sent in by Ollie (Conley) Blakely

(Ollie's comments)
   I'm including some old school records that has my dad listed, do you remember the McMahan cemetery? The school was just south of there. 
Daddy shows up on these records as Alo or Arlo, his name was James Ollio "Shy". But to get to the reason for sending them to you, is the name in the left hand corner. "T.C. Horne"

(Jerry's comments)
  Wow, these records are from the school that pre-dated Moss Public School. These three records are dated 1916, 1919 & 1920.
   They are for Ollie's dad, Shy Conley and his brother Charles Dolphus (Dock) Conley and two sisters Gertrude & Gladis Conley.  T.C. Horne is probably the man who built the store at Hwy 75 & 270 that resulted in the name Horntown.

The McMahan Cemetery is located 2 miles east of Horntown and 1/2 mile south on the left.

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