Moss School History
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Todayís story from the Hughes County Historical Society is found in the Holdenville Democrat, September 3, 1920.


     Moss Consolidated District No. 1 will open in itís new building about October 1st.
     About the first week in October Hughes Countyís first consolidated school district will open high school in itís new building, which is rapidly near completion and is now expected to be ready for occupancy within thirty days. Though consolidated district No. 1 has been legally and actively in existence for several months and it was expected that it would be ready for school to open by now, the school board has been experiencing some of the results of slow money and scarcity of labor and materials that have delayed their plans. With the exception of two more teachers that were yet to be supplied when this information was gathered the personnel of the facility has been determined upon and only completion of the buildings is now causing delay. The faculty so far accepted consists of J.R. Harden, of Carson, Superintendent; Mrs. Rutherford, of Texas Banner, and Mrs. Martin, of Holdenville, teachers. The two other teachers to be employed will bring the teaching force of the school to four exclusive of the superintendent.
     Consolidated District No. 1 contains about forty-two square miles of territory, with goo resources and roads, a high grade of citizenship and a scholastic population of three hundred. The students will be gathered in motor trucks and wagons and delivered to and from the school so insuring their attendance and fresh rigorous fitness for the duties of the school room each day. The building is situated on the northeast corner of Section 22-7-10, about half a mile from the center of the district and a mile west of the old McMahan school house. It is what is termed the unit school room system, containing six class rooms and a basement. It is a large one story structure, thereby adding to its convenience and safety against fires and disasters that may call for quick egress. Also, there is a commodious teacherage building on the premises for the use of the teachers and others whose duties confine them to the place.
     It is the purpose of the officers and patrons of the school to get the most out of their superior school facilities, and so set a high mark for the progressive school districts of the county. The district officers are J.B. Lee, trustee; T.C. Horn, clerk; G.H. Campbell, member.

     There were seven rural consolidated school districts in Hughes County Consolidated. No. 2 was Fairview; No. 3 was Yeager; No. 4 was Lamar; No. 5 was Gerty; No. 6 was Atwood; and No 7 was Spaulding. Six of the consolidated districts have been dissolved. No. 2, Fairview, has been annexed to Wetumka and Moss; No. 3, Yeager merged with Holdenville; No. 4, Lamar consolidated with Moss; No. 5, Gerty is now part of Calvin; No. 6, Atwood has been annexed to Holdenville; and Spaulding merged with Holdenville. Moss Consolidated No. 1 still survives!
Herbert Friend.