Old Moss Gym Pictures
You Must Read Clayton's "Good-bye to an old Friend"
(Pictures taken 08-08-02)

Old Moss Gym Moss Gym 1 Moss Gym 2 Moss Gym 3
Moss Gym 4 Moss Gym 5 Moss Gym 6 Moss Gym 7
Moss Gym 8 Coal House 1  Coal House 2 Good-Bye Old Friend 
Daily News Article        

     I understand from the newspaper article that the Moss Community is very divided over the demolition of the old Moss Gym. These pictures and pages are not meant to take sides in the controversy or to cause further division in the Moss Community. These pictures and comments are just my way of expressing how I feel about a grand old building that was so much a part of my growing up. Clayton Adair's article totally expresses it for me. I pray the Moss Community can get past the division and come together for the greater good of the current student body and school administration.  Jerry Summy, Class of 1962