Lamar 1911 Graduates



Current Residence



Pearl Ball Votaw
(She married
W. A. Votaw in 1918)

   I am a grandson of Pearl Ball, my name is Rick York. My great grandfather who was a Ball, had a hand in laying out the town in 1908.  
   We took my grandmother back to Lamar in 1977 and she remembered the old buildings.  We happened to find a lady, who was in her nineties, that lived on the southeast part of town.  Pearl remembered picking apples from her tree when she was a girl.  The lady asked us in and we had a nice visit, Pearl and the lady relating old times and the lady playing her pump organ.
     I regret I do not have better documentation since my grandmother passed away in 1979.  I would appreciate any information you may have.
  Thank you, Rick York