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Article taken from The Hughes County Times (Oct, 2002)
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   Easily over 100 years old, the two-acre Fairview Cemetery has been revitalized in recent months. And the leaders are Jerry and Janice Baxter, Fairview area natives, now living in Muskogee.
   Evidence of the renewed interest in  the cemetery stepped up prior to Memorial Day, Baxter, said this week. Located three miles south of Wetumka and three miles west, the cemetery is in the southeast corner of the Earl McFarland place.
   Everyone got involved in renovating the cemetery. Memorial Day was well-attended and the cemetery was impressive, compared to earlier Memorial Day observances. he said.
   By Memorial day, old fences had been rebuilt and a sign erected, mostly by Fairview residents, past and present Baxter said.
      A continuing effort, community volunteers found 65 unmarked graves. The graves are now identified by small

JANICE BAXTER . . .a Fairview Cemetery volunteer is pictured with the handsome Fairview Cemetery sign, part of the cemetery project that revitalized the two - acre site in Hughes county.

white crosses. Another 75 or more graves are still unidentified.
   When Fairview school district was dissolved in 1957, the school was soon abandoned and sold. However, the community spirit has obviously survived.
   An estimated 250 graves are in the cemetery. The oldest gravestone marked the grave of Bailey Atkinson, born on Feb. 11, 1892 and died in 1902. He was the son of W M. and L. Atkinson.
   Also, George W. Hendricks was buried in 1902, born Sept. 23, 1816. He was pretty old, Baxter said, for that day and time.
   A longtime Fairview resident, Frank Boyd, is the last person buried in the cemetery. He died in 1982
   Baxter, a 1954 Fairview graduate is the son of the late Ray and Gertie Baxter, cited some of the Fairview Cemetery volunteers: J. W. Dilday and Tom Kimbrell keep the cemetery moved. By Memorial Day this year, old fences had been rebuilt and a sign erected, most by Fairview residents, past and present.
   Carl Wayne McDaniel and his sons, Randy and Matt McDaniel, welded fence corner posts and helped build the cemetery sign, Richard Chastain and Mike Morgan helped on the fence and sign projects also.
   We appreciate the work of district one country commissioner Charles Skipworth and his crew clearing the cemetery perimeter of brush and dead tress as well as grading the roads, Baxter said.
   Janice Baxter who works side-by-side with her husband is a 1955 Fairview graduate. She is the daughter of Nelson Roberts, deceased. The Baxters continue to live in Muskogee after Jerry retired as an U.S. Veterans Hospital administrator seven years ago.
   They own an 80-acre site just south of the Fairview Cemetery.
   The need for financial support for the Fairview Cemetery has to be expected. And you can help, Baxter said. The Fairview Community Cemetery Fund accepts donations and the fund is held at the First United Bank of Holdenville.
   We are always looking for more money, he said, so we hope Fairview community residents in the past as well as present, will take an interest with donations. Our cemetery is important to all of us.

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