40th. Annual Lamar Homecoming
July 5, 2003

Lamar Homecoming Well Attended

     Lamar's 40th. Annual Homecoming was well attended  with over a hundred people in attendance.
     The patriotic quilt was very successful and earned $544. Devon Becknell, Lamar postmaster, won the quilt.
     Highlight of the day was three of the last graduating senior class of Lamar high school were present. Present from the 1947 class was Shorty James Roberts of Bristow; Sue Robinson Neill of Wewoka; and Vivian Lott Owens of Scipio. Gene Goodson is deceased.
     Six of the eighth grade graduating class of 1951 were present: Jess Williams of Mammoth, AZ; Patsy Merkel Beck and Andy Peerson of Holdenville; Joe Bruner, June Martin Gann, Patsy McCoy Freeman, all of Lamar.
     Jess and Sue Williams of Mammoth, AZ won the hand painted picture by Leola Huff for traveling the most miles, 1,100. The 2004 homecoming will be held July 3, 2004.
     Lamar volunteer fire department did well with their concession stand at the fire department Saturday. They do appreciate all the help and donations they received.
     Lamar Main Street was a real big success. The parade was the best ever. The adult float winners were first,  First Baptist Church - Mississippi Squirrel; second, Lamar Senior Citizens - Too Old to Cut the Mustard; and third, Patsy Freeman - Stone Gardens of Freeman.
     Children's float winners were: first, Bailey Wingo - Statue of Liberty; second, John Marvin Freeman III, Nickie Freeman and Kotah Armstrong - Indian Circle of Peace; and third, Christy Mills - Born to be Wild.
Phillip Lee, Horntown, won the stock trailer and Gene Harmon of Dustin won the grill and ice chest.


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