Burley Turner

A Little Horntown History From Burley Turner
Burley graduated in the class of 1932
Reported by his daughter Jean (Turner) Grimm

I talked with Daddy about Horntown over the weekend.  He said that Emmit Horne's father was T.C. Horne and he had a store 1 mile west of Moss on the northeast corner and this was called Horne's Corner. He later moved the store to the southwest corner at Horntown.  He also sold Ford cars there and was the only Ford dealer in the area. Later, a Mr. Hawthorne built a store on the northwest corner and Franz Lawyer, who was Guy Webber's uncle, build a store on the southeast corner.  There were a few houses on the northeast corner.  Daddy wasn't sure about the spelling of these names.

Does anyone have any more information to add to Burley's recollection? Does anyone have any pictures of any of these buildings? If so let me know.

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