Horntown Metropolis - 1920's
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     Horntown Store, in the 1920's. This store was located on the NW corner of the intersection of Hwy. 75 & 270. The store, garage and service station was owned by T. C. Horne and Charley Hawthorne. The three ladies on the porch are: the left and rear, Mrs. T.C. (Mary O'Neal) Horne, in the center Mrs. Chester (Eva Hawthorne) Horne, and the third lady is unidentified. 

     After parting ways with Charley Hawthorne at the Horntown Store, T. C. Horne built a new facility across the road to the south. Subsequently, he moved his store 1 mile south to the NE corner of  Hwy 75 and Moss School Road intersection. There the garage included a general store, auto parts and repair, tourist cabins and ice storage.

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