Banner Baptist Church - Horntown, Oklahoma
The Dedication service for the new kitchen at Banner Baptist Church, October 10, 1979.

Left to Right: Freda Sims, Jim Sims, Kathryn Burkett, Angela Johnson, Betty Blaylock, Reva Turner, LoyBett Wagner, Bro. Cain, Mrs. Cain, Carmilita Hamilton, Addie Smith, Mrs. Hopper, Jr. Hamilton, Bro. Hopper, Faye Petty, Ilah Seiber, Tracy Blaylock, John Seiber, Woody Wagner, Audra Webber, Lena Hunter, Cecil Turner, Vina Burkett, Guy Webber, Darren Brown, Sonia Brown, P.D. Brown, Gloria Brown Rachel Brown, Robyn Brown.
There are a few people that I don't have names for, so if anyone recognizes someone, please send it in.
Photo sent in by Debi Burkett

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