Bell History
By Vickie Neill Taylor

For Whom The Bell Tolls

     This bell goes way back in our family. We believe the bell was in the hands of S. M. "Mack" Robinson in Indiana. We know that the bell arrived in Hughes County before statehood and at that time, William Grant Robinson, son of Mack, better known in some circles as "Cockle Burr Bill", was the owner.
     Back in the early days of his ownership, the bell could be found hanging across the road from Laz Lester's place, also known as Laz's Frog Pond.
     The bell was soon moved to the top of the hill, known to this day as Robinson Hill east of Lamar.
     The bell was later moved into the town of Lamar where it remained through 4 generations, until the death of Will Robinson.
     This bell was rang only for the purpose of calling Will in from the field, either for dinner or emergency. There was also an odd occasion on a nice pretty Sunday afternoon or on Thanksgiving that the grandchildren, Sue, Natella and Jimmy Dale Robinson and Harold, Dean and Billy Paul Anglin, was allowed to ring the bell once just for fun.
     During the last big upraising of the creek nation, Crazy Snake was running from the authorities making his way towards the south Canadian river east of Lamar. During his flight, he passed directly in front of the Will Robinson homestead. Will was over on the north forty in the field when the Indians passed. Mrs. Will "Elva Porter Davis" Robinson was so scared that she waited until they had passed out of sight and then she rang the bell. This bell was rang to bring Will in but could be heard as a warning to all of the neighbors in the Lamar community.
     William G. Robinson was the father of Lester H. Robinson, Lamar School teacher and Superintendent and Vera Robinson Anglin, both graduates of Lamar also. Lester was the father of Vida Sue Robinson Neill, also a graduate of Lamar High and the owner of the bell at present. Sue is the mother of Vickie Neill Taylor, the keeper of this bell.
     This bell is now hanging north west of Holdenville. If you'd like more information about the family owning this bell please send a message to the links below.

Thank you.

Submitted by Sue Neill and Vickie Taylor

Sue Neill 

Vickie Neill Taylor

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